3 + Best Monologues for Teens For Movies in English

In today’s article, we are going to give you Monologues for Teens, which you can use in any audition.






Why Actors Are Refusing To Kiss on Screen?




1- We should rent a room as soon as possible and leave this house… because Martin always drinks alcohol and can do something untoward at any time… police complaint… what is the use of making a police complaint? …If the police scolds Martin, Martin will get even more angry….In such a situation, we should leave this house for now and take legal action against Martin.




2- I can understand your problem and fear very well, but I have no other option other than this… either I listen to the abuse or abuse, or we leave this house for a few days and wait for the time. Do it…I know everyone’s time comes and our time will also come and I can say with certainty that our time will come.




3- This is my last fight…I will either win or die in this fight…I am not going to accept defeat in this fight at any cost…I will fight and win…, I will not step back…I know that there will be many difficulties in this fight…I will bear these difficulties happily…I believe that what is the fun in a fight in which there are no difficulties?





I sincerely hope that you would have liked these monologues very much and you can use these monologues in any audition, but you cannot write these monologues on your blog or website.




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