Why Actors Are Refusing To Kiss on Screen ?

As you know kissing is a common thing in Hollywood films, but in today’s time, artists are moving away from it by showing indomitable courage, but why is such a change happening, what are the reasons for it? All these things will be discussed in today’s post.





Actors indeed have a choice whether they want to do a kissing scene or not, but this point or this discussion is happening here because Hollywood films have been famous for romantic kisses.





After all, why are the actors refusing to do kissing scenes?






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Now here we are talking about why actors are not doing kissing scenes. There can be many reasons for this and we are now going to explain some of the reasons below.




1- Everyone has their own religious beliefs and for this reason, actors shy away from doing kissing scenes.


2- After the Corona epidemic, there have been a lot of kissing scenes in films because fear has settled in the minds of the artists.


3 – Sometimes actors are not comfortable in kissing scenes.


4- Many times actors do not want to do kissing scenes because they are in relationships.


5- Many times, artists feel that there is no need for a kissing scene in a film or scene, so they refuse to do the kissing scene.


6 – Many actors also fear that if they repeatedly do romantic kissing scenes in films, they will get similar work and will move away from other types of films.



7 – The social image of an actor matters a lot in moving forward in his career and even in this condition he refuses kissing scenes.




I have told you some important reasons why actors should not do kissing scenes in films, however, when a kissing scene becomes necessary in the story, then a body double is used.





Hollywood actors who never kissed on screen




Till now you have known why actors are not doing kissing scenes in films and now we are going to tell you about those actors who have never done kissing scenes in films.




1- Janet Jackson


2- Denzel Washington


3- Nina Dobrev


4- Tisha Campbell


5- Julia Roberts 


6- Nick Nolte


7- Kirk Cameron


8- Lindsay Lohan





Hope you enjoyed reading this article and got a lot of information and stay connected to this website for similar articles.



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